Notation based on laws and regulations

Notation based on laws and regulations

Notation based on laws and regulations

Based on Article 11 of the "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions", we will specify below.

■ Store name

Nijigen no Mori Ticket Center

■ Distributor

Nijigen no Mori Co., Ltd.

■ Company Representative

Representative Director Hiroshige Sadamatsu

■ Internet manager

Representative Director Hiroshige Sadamatsu

■ Location

656-2401 Iwaya, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture 924-1

■ Phone Number




■ Handling tickets

Please check the following web page.

■ Consumption tax

Consumption tax is included in the displayed price.

■ Necessary payment other than product price


■ How to receive

After purchase, "tickets with QR codes" will be issued for the number of tickets purchased.
When entering the attraction, please bring one "ticket with QR coat" per person and present the QR code at the entrance.

■ Payment method and payment deadline

The ticket purchase amount can only be paid by "credit card payment".
We accept VISA, JCB, MasterCard, AMEX, and Diners as credit cards.
Payment will be made at the time of ticket application.

■ About the delivery method and timing

After completing the ticket payment, we will send you an e-ticket issuance QR code by email within 24 hours.
Please access the site from the e-ticket issuance QR code received by e-mail and receive the e-ticket.

■ Cancellation

Tickets for which a ticket purchase contract has been concluded cannot be exchanged, changed, or canceled at the convenience of the customer.
Cooling-off does not apply to tickets sold through this service.

■ About the date change of the target admission date

After purchasing the ticket, the date cannot be changed for any reason.

■ Refunds due to suspension of attractions

In the case of cancellation of business due to force majeure, refunds will be made only within the prescribed period as specified by the organizer.Only the ticket price will be refunded.