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Morino Terrace It is a restaurant in front of a large lawn square!
You can use the terrace seats with your pet!
You can also take out!*Cannot be brought into the attraction area.
Menu👉[Gurunavi] Morino Terrace
     [Eating Log] Morino Terrace
     [Retty] Morino Terrace
     [Hitosara] Morino Terrace

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Kitchen car We sell light meals such as hamburgers and soft serve ice cream.

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Ramen Ichiraku This is a ramen shop in NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato. (within paid area)
Menu👉[Gurunavi] Ramen Ichiraku
     [Eating log] Ramen Ichiraku

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Luida's bar You can enjoy collaboration food of Dragon Quest Island.
Menu👉[Hot Pepper Gourmet] Ruida's Tavern

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Recommended products

Recommended product 1

At Ramen Ichiraku
Let's eat the collaboration food of

Recommended product 2

At Morino Terrace
Godzilla interception operation
You can eat the collaboration menu!

Recommended product 3

At Ruida's Tavern
of the original character
Introducing the lunch box!


Morino Terrace Navy Awaji Chicken Stamina Curry

Since ancient times, we have eaten curry every Friday on the ship...
For 36 years, the chef who wielded his skills in the Maritime Self-Defense Force has reproduced the taste and upgraded it further!
The curry roux is a double base of chicken and pork, with a swirling umami and rich flavor.
In addition, Awaji Island onion salad and Awaji Island milk are nutritious.Blow away the lingering summer heat with this dish!


Morino Terrace Godzilla-1.0 Mine Akashiyaki

Akashiyaki is made to look like the mine that appeared during the battle with Godzilla in the movie "Godzilla-1.0." It will be a menu that you can enjoy by submerging yourself in a soup that resembles the sea where Godzilla lurks. Enjoy Nijigen no Mori's signature Hyogo Prefecture specialty.


Morino Terrace black sugar matcha milk

This limited-time drink is the perfect match between the bitterness of matcha, the mellowness of milk, and the sweetness of brown sugar syrup! Recommended to go with sweets or as a drink on the way home!


Morino Terrace matcha tiramisu

A limited quantity of matcha sweets is now available! Even those who don't like sweets can enjoy the not-too-sweet combination of cream and matcha! Especially recommended for customers coming on a girls' trip!


Ramen Ichiraku Akatsuki Ramen

Akatsuki Ramen is now available as a collaboration food of NARUTO×BORUTO Shinobi!
"Akatsuki"'s "red and black costume" is reproduced with charred garlic mar oil and edible chili oil!


Ramen Ichiraku "Ramen Ichiraku" Tonkotsu Ramen

Uzumaki Naruto's favorite ramen.
The point is the seaweed with the Shinobisato logo!
You can enjoy 3 different flavors: pork bone / miso pork bone / pork bone soy sauce
For each 1,210 yen (tax-included)
*Can also be topped with a soft-boiled egg, 3 slices of char siu, or 3 slices of seaweed with the Uzumaki mark.
(Provided in the NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato area)