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Regarding safety measures for the new coronavirus

The Pasona Group Awajishima New Coronavirus Countermeasures Committee has been established.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Japan and overseas, the Pasona Group has established the "Pasona Group Awajishima New Coronavirus Countermeasures Committee" with the following three members.

・Honorary Director, National Hospital Organization Hyogo Central Hospital, Doctor of Medicine / Yoshio Yoshimoto
・Doctor of Pharmacy/Mr. Masanori Iwai
・Hiroshi Kanazawa, Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University


In accordance with the guidelines of the above task force, each facility is taking the following measures.

■ Customers with symptoms of a cold, fever, or cough should refrain from entering the store.

■ We ask that you wear a mask when entering the store.

■ We have installed a non-contact thermometer and ask customers to enter the store after taking their temperature.

■ Hand sanitizers are installed near the entrance and in the restrooms, and we ask that you gargle and wash your hands.

■ Indoor facilities are always ventilated.

■ A space of 1m or more is secured between seats (between groups).

■ We refrain from offering buffet style meals.

■ Staff wear masks and gloves if necessary.

  In addition, of course, we have taken more thorough hygiene measures than before when cooking.


Target facilities

・Nojima Scola
・Craft Circus
・Ocean Terrace
・ Nijigen no Mori
・GRAND CHARIOT Big Dipper 135°


Based on the infection situation and information from the administrative authorities, we will make a careful decision while considering the future situation, and we will inform you about the latest information on the safety measures of the above facilities again on this website.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
We kindly ask for your understanding that some productions and menus may be affected.
We will continue to implement the necessary measures with the highest priority on ensuring the safety of customers and employees so that you can continue to use and visit us with peace of mind.
We sincerely hope that the situation will calm down and that everyone will be safe.

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