[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Interception Operation [Official] Nijigen Nomori | [Official] Nijigen Nomori

[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Intercept Operation [Official] Nijigen no Mori

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!
This is a report full of confidential information about the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center, commonly known as "NIGOD".A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!

National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center

Known as "NIGOD"Related to

Full of confidential informationIt is a report of.

A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

"Excerpt from an email sent by a former Mainichi Shimbun reporter to a former colleague"

The first time I heard the unfamiliar name “NIGOD” was on November 2019, 11.

After receiving information that the government was going to hold an emergency press conference, he immediately headed to the Prime Minister's official residence, along with the rather absurd government announcement that "an unknown giant creature 'Godzilla' exists off the coast of Awaji Island." It was announced as a "specialized research institute descended from the former Army."

The official name is "National Awaji-island Institute of Godzilla Disaster = National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center", which is surprising because it is a national research institute.

According to the official announcement from NIGOD, the start of the research dates back to the Taisho era.In other words, this country has been aware of the existence of "monsters" for 100 years and has been researching them.

Although I was surprised, I wrote a manuscript on a notebook PC at the press conference and sent it to the desk, and in no time an extra was created and distributed.

I never thought that I would write an extra issue, but as I reread my manuscript, I came across a question.How can an institution of this size conduct such absurd research for so many years without being noticed by foreign countries?

I asked the desk to let me write an article about NIGOD, and if I could find out just the source of the funding that allowed such an organization to survive for so many years, it would be a big scoop.

Through my network as a reporter, I gathered all sorts of materials related to "NIGOD", interviewed people who seemed to be related to it, and tried to clarify the whole picture.

As expected, it was a battle with a huge amount of information.

In the course of the interview, I got to know many "comrades", exchanged information beyond the barriers of each other's positions, companies and organizations, and approached the mystery.

The more I researched it, the deeper it became, and various speculations and conspiracy theories flew about.

According to him, ``M funds are used for operation,'' or ``it was disbanded at the time of ``business sorting'', or ``super weapons and huge I was trying to build a robot." How many times have we thought about giving up in the torrent of information that is neither true nor fantasy?That's how difficult the investigation of this "NIGOD" was.

As I continued the interview without any prospect of announcing it, I asked myself many times.

"Why do you keep doing this?"

However, as I repeatedly missed, sometimes cheated, and went back to square one several times, I naturally got the answer.

"I want to know the truth", regardless of title, rank, or honor, I just want to know the whole picture of this mysterious organization.That was it.

The process of unraveling and clarifying information one by one became my motivation itself.

Having found the solution, I submitted my letter of resignation to the newspaper every morning after writing the manuscript for the third extra edition (the end of the Godzilla interception operation).

In conclusion, together with my former "comrades", I am currently undertaking various tasks related to information gathering and control as a contract agent of NIGOD.

After quitting the newspaper every morning and becoming a freelance investigative reporter ("It's embarrassing to call yourself a journalist"), immediately after coming into contact with a person who claims to be a "former NIGOD official", she said the following at the beginning of her opening. ``I would like to borrow the ability of you guys who have created this much material.''

When I heard those words, I understood everything.They, Nigod, and we are all in the same hole, after all.

We reporters will use every possible means to pursue the "truth" if necessary, but they, who we desperately tried to uncover, will not choose any means for their own research. A group of scholars.Research for them, uncovering the truth for us.I don't see anything else...

The above is the story of our strange encounter with NIGOD.

By the way, all the manuscripts and materials related to NIGOD that we created were collected once and then republished based on the customs of NIGOD and existing materials.https://shop.nijigennomori.com/items/35358500

This is, of course, a more accurate and detailed document than the manuscript we created.If you're interested, please read on.

If you want to laugh, "Mummy-taking became a mummy," you can laugh.

For now, I just wanted to let you know that with this stimulating environment and enough rewards, what else would you want?

Finally, as a remnant of my activities in the outside world, there is an extra edition of the Mainichi Shimbun that was collected by NIGOD after it was distributed.

If you want to get it, please come directly to Awaji Island Nijigen no Mori.I can't tell you if I'm there or not, but there are several people who are close to us working as staff, so please tell the staff at the reception counter after you enter.

The password appears in this sentence, the last three digits of a certain date, and the deadline is the end of this year (December 2021, 12).

When we meet again someday, we can talk a little more about it.

Until then.