[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Interception Operation [Official] Nijigen Nomori | [Official] Nijigen Nomori

[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Intercept Operation [Official] Nijigen no Mori

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!
This is a report full of confidential information about the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center, commonly known as "NIGOD".A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!

National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center

Known as "NIGOD"Related to

Full of confidential informationIt is a report of.

A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

"From the diary of a NIGOD staff member 2010/09/25 (Part XNUMX)'

That day, Awaji Island welcomed a quiet morning as usual.

I became interested in the existence of "Godzilla" from a document I happened to find in the reference room of my seminar professor when I was a university student. It's been a quarter of a century since I knew of its existence.

At that time, the "National Gurera Awajishima Research Institute" had been suspended several times in its history, and the fact that the gate itself did not exist even when I knocked on the gate was a big blow to me when I was young. However, I was able to enter as a newly hired researcher when the institute was revived as "NIGOD (International Godzilla Awajishima Research Center)" with the cooperation of my teacher at the time, who was the reason I learned of its existence. rice field.

More than XNUMX years have passed since then, and the existence of "Godzilla" was publicly announced, and it was too quiet a dawn to say that its appearance was imminent.

On that day, the islanders had already been evacuated, and the only people left on the island were NIGOD staff and a total of dozens of "Anti-Godzilla Special Forces (pseudonym)" dispatched from the Self-Defense Forces.

At that time, thanks to the daily routine of the Self-Defense Forces, I was completely accustomed to the morning lifestyle, and that day I woke up with a sip of bancha.

Suddenly, an alarm that had only been heard during evacuation drills rang out from the speakers in the laboratory.

I didn't even hear the announcement after that.

It finally came.

"that guy.

Said to have landed on Awaji Island 111 years ago, Godzilla, an extraordinarily gigantic creature with a unique cell containing unknown uncertainties and a tough life force that no existing creature can possess, has finally made its way to the island. He showed up.

A strange feeling of euphoria welled up in my heart.

The traces left by "Godzilla"'s non-standard giant body cannot be said to be very friendly to humans, and so far there have been reports of numerous small-scale damage to private fishing boats and wild whales. In fact, all residents of Awaji Island, with the exception of NIGOD staff and the Self-Defense Forces, have been forced to evacuate.

Despite the appearance of such a dangerous unknown creature, my heart danced.

No, I shouldn't have danced.

It's probably the same for other NIGOD staff, 100 years after the establishment of the first "Army Wu'er Luo Research Institute", an unknown gigantic creature that was said to exist in legends has finally appeared. Noda.

For this moment, we've spent half our lives, more than three-fourths of our oldest staff here on Awaji Island, conducting secret research that we can't tell to our families or lovers. is.

Come on, "Godzilla".

Show us what it looks like.

No matter how much you surpass our expectations, we will definitely show you victory.

Inheriting the will of our great predecessor who ended his life half-heartedly, we will show you all of our wisdom and tenacity that we have studied here for a long time. (Continue)

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