[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Interception Operation [Official] Nijigen Nomori | [Official] Nijigen Nomori

[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Intercept Operation [Official] Nijigen no Mori

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!
This is a report full of confidential information about the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center, commonly known as "NIGOD".A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!

National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center

Known as "NIGOD"Related to

Full of confidential informationIt is a report of.

A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

On September 9th of last year, half a year has passed since the appearance and cessation of activity of the unprecedented super-giant life form "Godzilla" that shook the world.

Godzilla is still under the control of NIGOD, and is being monitored and followed up on a XNUMX-hour basis. In a meticulous progress report, NIGOD announced the official position that "Godzilla is currently on hiatus and there are no signs of a revival."

Currently, "Nijigen no Mori" where Godzilla sleeps is also on alert, but so far a large-scale surveillance system has not been established. NIGOD drives a vital monitor beacon into the inactive Godzilla, and while acquiring the data daily, further research on the "G cells" collected from Godzilla, and further measures in the unlikely event that Godzilla revives. Under construction.

There are two main Godzilla monitoring systems currently announced by NIGOD: "Godzilla internal monitoring" and "Godzilla surface monitoring".This is to directly monitor Godzilla, which is currently inactive, for any abnormalities.In particular, "body surface monitoring" can measure Godzilla's vitals in real time by visually confirming the state of the beacon that is shot directly into Godzilla's epidermis. Always aware of Godzilla's condition.

Godzilla is currently on hiatus, but the so-called "G cells", which are cells unique to Godzilla scattered during the previous "Godzilla interception operation", have a strong vitality, and are still around the Godzilla sealed area. It has been reported that they are still performing monotonous aggressive behavior even after being scattered into the air. In NIGOD's research, it seems that the attacking action by "G cells" was within the assumption, and a "G cell activity suppression bullet" similar to the one fired into Godzilla during the "Interception Operation" was created with a size of 5.7mm. are prepared in advance and used to remove G cells.

The Belgian-made FN P90, which has been customized independently, is used to launch the "G-cell suppression bullet".This is largely due to the fact that even NIGOD researchers who have not received combat training can use it in an emergency, such as its light weight and ease of handling.In addition, since this gun is not adopted by the Self-Defense Forces, it is believed that NIGOD acquired it through its own route and obtained a special license for its use. In both "internal surveillance" and "body surface surveillance", observers who approach Godzilla directly have a high probability of encountering G cells, and in principle, the removal of G cells is included in the mission when conducting surveillance work. is

The above is the details of NIGOD's activities after the "Godzilla interception operation" and the current situation of Godzilla.There may be something in the natural world that our science cannot yet fully explain, or that is unimaginable. I hope that NIGOD's Godzilla research will lead to the clarification of the mystery and a breakthrough in science that will bring further good news to mankind.