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Godzilla Intercept Operation | [Official] Nijigen no Mori

Godzilla interception operation

Landed on Awaji Island, the world's first life-size Godzilla attraction.
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  • June 2024, 6

    June 2024, 6

    [7 Tips for Enjoying "Godzilla Intercept Operation" to the Fullest!] Enjoy an unforgettable experience with your family and friends on Father's Day at "Godzilla Intercept Operation," the world's first life-size Godzilla attraction!

  • June 2024, 6

    June 2024, 6

    [The third edition is in black and white!] Get a limited edition postcard from the "Godzilla 3 Special Exhibition"!

  • June 2024, 6

    June 2024, 6

    [You might win limited edition figures or original goods!?] A "Godzilla-class" gigantic rattle panel appears!? "Godzilla Rattle Operation" will be held for a limited time from July 7th (Sat)!

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Monthly NIGOD communication
Plunge into Godzilla's body with a zip line,
Challenge the shooting to destroy Godzilla's cells.

Gorgeous actors will appear, and participants will be drawn into the world of Godzilla at once with the powerful movie-like images produced by Toho and the original story created for this attraction.

There are two courses: the "Body Observation Course," in which you enter the life-size Godzilla's mouth and perform missions on a zip line, and the "Body Observation Course," in which you glide beside Godzilla.
*You can choose 2 course from 1 courses: "Body Monitoring Course" and "Body Surface Monitoring Course".

It is a shooting attraction that uses a special gun to remove the Godzilla cells scattered from Godzilla to stop the growth.Dodge attacks from Godzilla cells and aim for a high score.

It is the world's first permanent Godzilla museum where you can enjoy the history of successive "Godzilla" with various materials.You can see exhibits that can only be seen here along with many official materials.

You can edit the videos and photos you took on the spot and purchase only one original video and commemorative photo in the world.You can enjoy the realism just like a shooting studio.

Kids park appears in Godzilla interception strategy.There is an area where you can play with many kaiju soft vinyl and become a monster.

A mystery-solving game that you can play while walking around the park. You can enjoy a mystery-solving limited story based on the original setting of "Godzilla Intercept Operation" and various AR experiences of him using a smartphone application.
*Separate ticket purchase required

Solve the mysteries hidden around Godzilla, and complete a monster encyclopedia with popular Toho monsters such as Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Mothra popping out in three dimensions with your own hands!

This is a stuffed toy backpack with a motif of Nijigen no Mori's Godzilla.
The form that looks like Godzilla on its back has a great impact!
Please enjoy Nijigen no Mori while wearing it.
*This is a bonus for purchasing special set tickets.

"Godzilla Intercept Operation Official App"

It is an official app that can be enjoyed locally, such as AR stamp rally "Collect top secret materials!"Follow the hints displayed on the screen to collect markers and unlock the Kaiju AR photography function.
*Additional fees are required for meals, purchase of goods, etc.

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Click here for the fees for visitors from 2024/07/13 onwards

*Kids rates apply until the end of March of the year they graduate from elementary school.Please present something that shows your age.
*Children under 4 years old are free (Available only at the theater and museum, Kaiju no Mori requires a separate fee)
* All attraction admission tickets for "Godzilla Intercept Operation" include "Theatre", "Zipline", "Shooting", "Museum" and "Kaiju no Mori".However, for safety reasons, adults can only accompany children to Kaiju No Mori, children cannot use the zip line, and children cannot use the zip line.
*Those aged 11 and younger (elementary school students and younger) must be accompanied by a guardian.
* Children (height 120cm or more, weight 25kg or more), kids (height less than 120cm or weight less than 25kg)
*There are restrictions on the zipline experience.Limited to those with a height of 120 cm or more and a weight of 25 kg or more and less than 110 kg.
*Price includes tax.

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for this attraction.For safety reasons, you will not be permitted to participate if you are wearing any of the following clothing, shoes, or accessories. [Clothing] Dangerous clothing such as skirts, scarves, coats, etc. [Shoes] Shoes with unfixed heels, such as high heels, resin sandals, etc. Accessory] Sharp or long objects Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for this attraction.For safety reasons, you will not be permitted to participate if you are wearing any of the following clothing, shoes, or accessories. [Clothing] Dangerous clothing such as skirts, scarves, coats, etc. [Shoes] Shoes with unfixed heels, such as high heels, resin sandals, etc. Accessory] Sharp or long objects

*Tickets are also sold inside Nijigen no Mori Garden (web purchase benefits are not included)
* Official website limited Postcards for pre-purchase tickets will be handed out at the local "Godzilla Interception Operation Headquarters".

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Accommodation facility in "Nijigen no Mori" A collaboration room limited to one building with the theme of successive "Godzilla" movies located in the luxury villa "GRAND CHARIOT Big Dipper 135°"! Accommodation facility in "Nijigen no Mori" A collaboration room limited to one building with the theme of successive "Godzilla" movies located in the luxury villa "GRAND CHARIOT Big Dipper 135°"!
Collaboration room photo 1
Collaboration room photo 2

"Nijigen no Mori"
Official accommodation facility

To commemorate the 135th anniversary of the Godzilla series, the luxury villa "GRAND CHARIOT Big Dipper 70°" will open a Godzilla collaboration room, "Kaiju Land," at the resort's prime location, where you can enjoy specially prepared cuisine made with ingredients from Awaji Island and a star-filled sky.
The collaboration room is decorated with interiors and tapestries depicting past Godzillas and popular monsters, and you can see part of Godzilla's life-sized body through the window.These decorations have been specially treated to change their appearance depending on the light, allowing you to enjoy a different atmosphere during the day and at night.

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Godzilla interception operation original attraction video

How Godzilla landed on Awaji Island,
The contents of the "intercept operation" by zip line and shooting,
Introduced with a sense of realism just like a Godzilla movie.

Installed in the area before experiencing the attraction
By seeing this work in the "theater",
"Godzilla Intercept Operation -National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center-"
You can enjoy the view of the world.


The legendary Godzilla was first seen on the night of a typhoon that hit Awaji Island in the beginning of the Meiji era.
Godzilla, which appeared with high waves, trampled the island, causing extensive damage, and the government was preparing for another Godzilla attack.
And what I feared became a reality, and Godzilla landed on Awaji Island again.The government immediately started responding.
Guide Godzilla to Nijigen no Mori, block the movement of Godzilla with explosives planted in the ground,
When a missile loaded with a drug is fired into its mouth, Godzilla ceases activity.
Currently, it is under the supervision of the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center, but Godzilla has only stopped its activities.
I don't know when it will start.We need your help to monitor its actions.

CAST / STAFFCast staff

【 Performer 】

Hirona Yamazaki Satoshi Matsuo
Shunsuke Nakata Umune Ozaki Yuki Ito Takuya Nakayama Masashi Omiya
Asami Ito Satoshi Iwago Kohei Arakawa Katsuhiro Shimamoto Kenji Kawahara
Victory Kihara Ryo Kiuchi (Sun TV) Misaki Yoshimoto (Sun TV)
Nobuyuki Naito/Futoshi Hamanaka/Harumi Kasai
Hitoshi Sekiguchi/Keigo Iwasaki/Takahiro Sakai/Satoshi Kuwabara

Narrator: Jun Hashizume

Director/Screenplay: Kazuhiro Nakagawa/Production: Keiji Ota/Producers: Yoshihiro Sato, Yoshiki Soejima
Assistant Director: Gonsei Nakayama / Production Manager: Minju Liang / Supervising Finishing Technology: Takuto Watanabe / Cinematography: Yutaka Adachi
Photography Assistant: Satoshi Yamazaki, Ayumu Ouchi / Drone Photography: Kuniaki Sasaki / Lighting: Satoshi Fujii
Lighting assistant: Shunji Chijiiwa, Shiori Seto / Sound recording: Manabu Kato, Norito Sorimachi / Art and decoration: Akira Sakamoto
Art/decoration assistant: Kanako Wada Suguru Nakayasu/Costume: Masato Arai/Costume assistant: Riri Sunako
Hair and make-up: Yumi Kobayashi / Hair and make-up assistant: Asami Nakata / Editing: Tatsuma Furukawa / Sound adjustment: Naoto Takeshima
Effects: Toru Noguchi/Music: Yuji Iwamoto/Music Mix Engineer: Takafumi Ito
Godzilla illustration production: Yoshitoshi Shinomiya, Ryoko Kimura, Megumi Isayama / Godzilla ancient document production: Akihiko Hashimoto
Screen telop production: Naoki Nagayasu GAC / Screen production (NIGOD control room): Rinto Ueda
Color Grader: Kentaro Shima / Directing Support: Shinya Namikawa / Production Manager: Yui Takenaka Midori Ikegami

CG Producer: Hiromasa Inoue, Masayo Ohno / CG Supervisor: Satoru Sasaki
3DCG: Saori Shimamura Shun Fukushima Carlos Shiori Arai
Compositor: Tsuyoshi Nakayama Yoshiyuki Toyooka Daisuke Kuwabara Kiyonori Shirao Wataru Otake

Godzilla Strategy Conference: Tetsuya Yoshikawa, Tatsuya Sunako, Go Miyazaki

Visual cooperation: Sun TV/Chunichi Film Company/Harimanix

【 cooperation 】

Awajishima Film Office / Kobe Film Office / Izanagi Shrine
Awaji City/Awajishima Iwaya Fishery Cooperative Association/Honshu-Shikoku Expressway/Hotel Sunroute Sopra Kobe
Toei Tokyo Studio / Tokusatsu Research Institute / Sanwa Eizaisha / Nippon Shomei / Suns Decor / Shirogumi / alphaliez
AURA/Chunichi Eigasha/ODEN STUDIO/DI FACTORY/Yoshiki Okada/Yuichiro Yamazaki
Tokyo Laboratory / Toho Visual Arts / Toho Music
Toho Studio / Toho Studio Service / Toho Post Production Center

Production Production: Cine Bazaar

Production: Nijigen no Mori Toho

Godzilla Intercept Operation Archive


NIGOD collects and preserves all materials related to the giant creature "Godzilla" that landed in the Meiji era, researches in preparation for the re-landing of "Godzilla", and the flow of the former army for measures premised on extermination. A national research institute that draws.

Scoop footage from overseas media

First shot

coming soon

Second edition

Attraction cooperation

Toho Visual Art Co., Ltd. Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.
BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd. Bandai Co., Ltd.
Yuji Sakai Modeling Studio Co., Ltd.

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