[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Interception Operation [Official] Nijigen Nomori | [Official] Nijigen Nomori

[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Intercept Operation [Official] Nijigen no Mori

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!
This is a report full of confidential information about the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center, commonly known as "NIGOD".A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!

National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center

Known as "NIGOD"Related to

Full of confidential informationIt is a report of.

A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

"From the diary of a NIGOD staff member 2010/09/25 (final version)

A very strange image was projected on the monitor.

A mysterious creature that stands well above 100 meters in height and is by far the largest creature ever seen by mankind is walking toward Awaji Island in the sea.

Behind the gigantic creature, I could see the part that was probably the tail of this individual in the sea. It was boiling.

The creature, "Godzilla", is aiming for this Awaji Island with the guidance of the Self-Defense Forces aircraft.

Brought to the "explosion point" set up in advance there, they were stopped half-buried by an explosion caused by a landmine, and the "G-cell activity inhibitor" developed by NIGOD was injected into the "Godzilla". This is the full story of the interception operation.

It's extremely simple, but the point is, if you can even inject an activity inhibitor, that's all you need.

A strategy as simple as this would allow for a more flexible response when dealing with an unprecedented gigantic creature.

In the meantime, "Godzilla" landed on Awaji Island.

“Godzilla has just landed on Awaji Island. Various calculations while watching

There is no need to worry about confirmation work.

"Godzilla" is walking through the uninhabited city of Awaji Island after the residents have been evacuated.

The image shows members of the Self-Defense Forces carrying various weapons and chasing "Godzilla" from a distance so as not to give unnecessary stimulation to "Godzilla".

"What would happen to these people if Godzilla suddenly started to go on a rampage here and now?" As I got closer, my anxiety and nervousness blew away all the leeway to think about such things.

"Godzilla has arrived at the explosion point. Godzilla has arrived at the explosion point." surrounded by plumes of smoke.

Landmines exploded all at once, and a wide area from the feet of "Godzilla" became earth and sand, dragging "Godzilla" into the ground.

Cheers can be heard from various rooms in the building.However, this is not the end of the operation.

After this, we had to confirm how well "Godzilla" was buried, and then drive the "G-cell activity suppression warhead" into its mouth.

But the next moment we see something unbelievable.

A mysterious purple light can be seen from the volcanic plume of earth and sand that has not yet subsided.Such a weapon should not be in the plan.

Then, the researcher who was checking the body temperature of "Godzilla" with a thermograph shouted, "High heat source reaction confirmed in Godzilla's body!"

High fever?Is it possible that "Godzilla" breathes fire?

The next moment, along with a tremendous earth rumbling, Godzilla's roar resounded, as if tens of thousands of camera flashes were fired at the same time, and an unidentified roar resounded.

Then, a purple flash was emitted from the mouth of "Godzilla" lying down as if blowing away volcanic smoke, and several monitor images all turned into a storm of noise and shut down.

Suddenly, the whole building was boiling.After all, "Godzilla" was a super creature far beyond our imagination.

Almost all information was lost, except for some filming drones.

Today, only a few surviving imaging drones are able to monitor Godzilla.

The image is disturbed and accurate flight is impossible due to the sudden high heat and other electromagnetic waves.

At that time, several announcements echoed through the hall from the speakers.

"SDF aircraft, firing G-cell inhibitory warheads. Repeat, SDF aircraft, firing G-cell activity inhibitors."

Fortunately, the fighters of the Self-Defense Forces survived the mysterious attack from that "Godzilla" and fired the "G-cell activity suppression warhead" as planned.

Several violent tremors and roaring sounds, and the heartbreaking roar of "Godzilla" that is clearly different from the previous one.

Without even hearing the announcement, the "G-cell activity suppression warhead" exploded in the mouth of "Godzilla" as planned.

The ``G cell activity inhibitor'', which can be said to be the best of our research at NIGOD, invades the body of ``Godzilla'' and immediately exerts its effect.

That being said, it would take a few minutes at the shortest and 10 minutes at the longest for it to have an effect on that huge body that far exceeded our assumptions.

Now that we have exhausted all the means we have, we have no choice but to leave the rest to fate.

In the lab, too, the focus is on monitors showing images of people still alive.You can see that the entire building is watching the situation with bated breath.

Only the clock on the wall was ticking quietly. 1 minute, 3 minutes passed, and the hands of the clock were about to cross the XNUMX minute mark.

"Chief..." one of the researchers called out to me.

I knew right away what he was talking about, but I could barely calm everyone down by saying, "I understand, but let's wait another minute."

Before long, the hands of the clock passed 3 minutes and are about to approach 4 minutes.

At that moment, my extension cell phone rang.

Before I could finish saying "Hello," the boss on the other end of the line asked, "What do you think?"

After taking a deep breath, I replied clearly in a voice that everyone in the lab could hear, "Godzilla seems to have stopped its activity due to the effect of the activity inhibitor."

The atmosphere in the laboratory has changed.Everyone was silently shouting applause in their hearts.

"Yes, I agree with you. Then I will tell the upper management of the headquarters and the government so."

I can see that the gazes of the entire laboratory are focused on me, who puts the form in his pocket.

"Everyone please return to your seats and wait for the announcement."

After saying that, I went back to my seat and took a sip of the bottled water I bought earlier.

Before long, a voice resounds from the speaker to the previous boss, "Notice to all staff. Godzilla's activity has been stopped by the cell inhibitor we developed.At this point, the Godzilla interception operation will end.I repeat..." The rest was muffled by the loud cheers that echoed throughout the hall.

"Godzilla" ceased its activities.

But we still don't know the full story.That huge body, tough skin that can't even be scratched by normal weapons, and the mysterious heat rays emitted from its mouth...the more I list, the more mysteries there are in that creature.

Until now, I have been frantically searching for traces of "Godzilla", but this time I have a surprisingly large number of samples.

From now on, a huge amount of observations and experiments will begin to elucidate that giant creature.

I don't know how many years, no, how many decades, it will continue, but the real battle of us researchers is about to begin.