[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Interception Operation [Official] Nijigen Nomori | [Official] Nijigen Nomori

[Monthly NIGOD Communication] September 2021 | Godzilla Intercept Operation [Official] Nijigen no Mori

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!
This is a report full of confidential information about the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center, commonly known as "NIGOD".A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

Top secret information such as "Godzilla interception operation after report"!

National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center

Known as "NIGOD"Related to

Full of confidential informationIt is a report of.

A must-see report for fans is released on the 1st of every month!

"From the Diary of a NIGOD Staff 2010/09/25" (Part XNUMX)

I hurriedly changed my clothes and headed to my workplace, the laboratory.

It is only a few minutes walk from the staff dormitory to the NIGOD main building (tentative name, although there is no official name, but recently it is called "NIGOD headquarters"), but on this day alone, I naturally walked fast. It was.

The first laboratory of the NIGOD biochemistry research group to which I belong is located in the back of the first floor of the main building.

As usual, when I passed through the main staircase in the center from the entrance, it was unusually crowded with researchers, other NIGOD personnel, and Self-Defense Force personnel.

Perhaps there was a correspondence between the "Central Intelligence Room" (note: it's the name of the department, not the room) upstairs and the government.

Even if you don't ask here, if you go to the laboratory, you will be asked even if you don't like it.

I quickly headed to the laboratory, unlocked the security with the ID hanging from my neck, and went inside.

That means that I, who is qualified as a first-class researcher, must take command of this place until the head-class researcher arrives.

"Good morning, how's it going?"

I spoke to the assistant researcher near my desk and she babbled rather quickly.

“We just confirmed an abnormal rise in temperature in the waters near Awaji Island.

"What is the response from the government?"

"Not yet, but I don't think it's too late."

It was right after.

An emergency call alarm sounded on everyone's terminals, including mine, and at the same time, an announcement rang out from the rarely used speaker of the public address system.

"A little while ago, we confirmed an abnormal rise in sea surface temperature in the waters near Awaji Island, and we, NIGOD, took this as a sign of the appearance of Godzilla and notified the government, at the same time requesting the launch of a "Godzilla interception operation"."

I've already heard that far, the problem is beyond that.

“I just received a notice from the government that it has received and approved the request.

Suddenly, the hall was boiling.

No wonder, until now there were only a few unknown cells, footprints, and lore to prove its existence, but finally it will appear.

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived.

I kept as calm as I could and told the staff in the room.

"Everyone, take your place. If all goes according to plan, the Self-Defense Forces should immediately fly drones and reconnaissance planes to collect information. We can only observe targets through monitors. Don't overlook even the slightest change, mind you." Make a note of each and every thing that happened, and report or make a proposal if necessary.”


With the young researchers' excited responses to my back, I also took a seat at my own desk nearby and turned on the monitor.

The unprecedented observation and anticipation of the experiment that was about to begin made my back suddenly sweaty and I felt my heart pounding.

Trying to calm myself down, I picked up a can of coffee that someone had prepared for me and took a sip.

The assistant from earlier is looking at me.Is there any report?

"That's mine..."

"Sorry, I'll pay later."

In exchange for a little bit of shame, I was finally able to calm myself down a bit. (Continue)