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2023.12.15 Event & FeatureCrayon Shinchan Adventure Park

Starting tomorrow, December 12th (Saturday)! Conquer 16 courses and get a certificate!Challenge the most difficult challenge!Limited to elementary school students "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park Winter Sengoku Great Adventure! Certificate"

Conquer the three courses of “Appare! Great Sengoku Adventure!”
Clear the difficult course and get an original certificate!

The athletic event "Appare! Sengoku Daibouken!" in "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" is based on the movie Crayon Shinchan "Appare that calls the storm! Sengoku Daigassen" and "Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden" and is very popular among children. It's huge athletic.This event is a challenge event for elementary school students, where they can receive an original certificate by clearing three difficult athletic courses.
The ``Mononoke Ninja Course'' goes around the perimeter of the area and offers thrilling tricks such as bouldering and Tarzan ropes.The ``Ashigaru Course'' involves crossing a single rope and swings set at a height of 4.5m.The maximum athletic distance is 1m. You will not be able to obtain the certificate unless you clear the three difficult courses of the most terrifying "Samurai General Course"!Athletic in winter!Take on the athletic challenge with courage, conquer all courses and get a certificate!

▲Conquer all courses and get a certificate!

▲Let's try thrilling athletics!

“Winter Sengoku Great Adventure! Certificate” Overview


2023 year 12 month 16 day (Saturday) to 2024 year 2 month 29 day (Thursday)


Athletic in "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" "Awesome! Sengoku Daibouken!"


Elementary school children who clear all three courses set up at "Appare! Sengoku Daibouken!": "Mononoke Ninja Course," "Ashigaru Course," and "Samurai General Course" will receive an original certificate as proof of their athletic conquest. I will do it.


<span>Grade 1-2</span>


Moretu set (dwarf) / 3,400 yen
Appare set (dwarf) / 3,000 yen
*All prices above include tax.Additionally, ticket prices are limited to the winter season.
*Adults who will not be able to enjoy the attractions must purchase a separate accompanying ticket (1,800 yen).

What is “Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park”?

Based on the popular anime "Crayon Shin-chan" (broadcast every Saturday from 16:30 on TV Asahi), "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" is an attraction area where you can experience the world of Crayon Shin-chan. We have 2 main attractions and 3 other attractions and shops.
*"Challenge! Action Kamen Squadron!" (Zipline) is suspended until January 2024, 1 (Wednesday) to protect wild birds.

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Crayon Shin-chan Room ``Ola's Cocoon'' is a renovated room limited to one building.We will have goods that both adults and children can enjoy, such as Shin-chan pajamas and adult action mask costumes, which are based on the designs actually worn in the work.

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Overview of Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Anime Park “Nijigen no Mori”

Since 2008, Pasona Group has collaborated with local governments and local stakeholders on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, and has been working on its own regional revitalization project by attracting various human resources. In 2013, the "Awaji Manga/Anime Island Project" was adopted as part of the "Private Business Planning and Proposal for Prefectural Awajishima Park" publicly invited by Hyogo Prefecture. Together with Hyogo Prefecture, we are promoting regional revitalization projects by attracting tourists.

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