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Make it!Fly it!Climb!hard! ?I can't stop being excited!Information about Nijigen no Mori's autumn events

Make it!Fly it!Climb!Big makeover! ?
I can't stop being excited!Information about Nijigen no Mori's autumn events

Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Anime Park "Nijigen no Mori" is holding an autumn event where children can play the role of the main characters in athletics, puzzle solving, craft experiences, and competitions!You can compete for the longest flight distance with your own "Mothra Paper Plane", conquer the 8m tall giant athletics, jump into the world of Dragon Quest and have an adventure, and meet the Shinobi of Shinobi Village. A unique experience like no other awaits you at Nijigen no Mori, filled with excitement and excitement as you explore hidden treasures!
The cooler autumn season is here!Conquer Nijigen no Mori with your family and friends!

"Dragon Quest Island Ancient Demon God and Guided Adventurers"

Quest limited to elementary school students “Doraky Nakayoshi Daisakusen!” is being held from September 9th (Saturday)!

The popular attraction "Dragon Quest Island: The Ancient Demon and the Guided Adventurers" located in the Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Anime Park "Nijigen no Mori" will have a limited time offer from September 9th (Saturday) to October 16st (Tuesday). We are holding a quest limited to elementary school students, ``Doraky Friendship Quest!''.
In this event, children who enter "Dragon Quest Island" with a child ticket during the period will find the "Drakey" panel installed around the attraction and solve the mystery written on it. You can challenge the quest to collect keywords.Customers who solve all the mysteries and find the keywords will receive a “Drakey Narikiri Photo Props” as a clear reward.
In the cool autumn, dress up as Drakey and go “trick or treat!”Enjoy a festive holiday with your family and friends at Halloween in Dragon Quest Island!

▲Clear reward “Drakey Narikiri Photo Props”

▲Become a Dragonkey and enjoy Halloween even more!

Event overview


March 9th (Sat) -April 16th (Tue)


"Dragon Quest Island Ancient Demon God and Guided Adventurers" Outskirts of Onokogard Castle Town


Customers who purchased a child ticket and entered



* However, a separate ticket is required to enter the attraction.
*Ticket prices start from 5 yen for children (11 to 1,400 years old/elementary school students and younger), and from 12 yen for adults (3,400 years old and over).

*Ticket prices vary depending on the season


For each person who purchases a dwarf ticket during the event period and enters the attraction, we will give you a quest sheet exclusively for the elementary school student-only quest "Drakey Nakayoshi Daisakusen!"Find the panels installed around the attraction and get the keywords by solving the puzzles written on them.
If you have an "adventurer's mark" handed out when you enter the attraction, you can freely enter and exit the attraction.
If you tell the “keyword” to the staff of the weapon shop, you will receive “Drakey Narikiri Photo Props” as a clear reward.


"Godzilla Intercept Operation"

Only for elementary school students! “Mothra Paper Plane Flying Association” is being held from September 9th (Saturday)!

Nijigen no Mori's popular attraction ``Godzilla Interception Operation'' will hold an event called ``Mothra Paper Plane Flying Party'' for elementary school students and younger, where you can enjoy craft experiences and a paper plane competition from Saturday, September 9th to Sunday, December 16rd. ) is held for a limited time only.In this event, you can create your own "Mothra Paper Plane" by painting your favorite color onto a mount designed with Mothra, the popular monster from the Godzilla movies.Not only will you be able to take home the "Mothra Paper Plane" you created, but you will also be able to enter the "Mothra Paper Plane Flying Party," which will be held at a designated time on the vast lawn in front of "Godzilla Interception Operation." can do.At the tournament, participants compete to see which paper plane can fly the farthest, and the first place winner will receive a medal badge with an original design from "Godzilla Interception Operation"!Those who unfortunately did not come in first place will receive a commemorative tin badge as a participation award.
This year is truly the fall of Godzilla, with Godzilla-70, the 1.0th anniversary film, set to be released on November 11rd!Set a record for the longest flight with your own “Mothra Paper Plane” that will never be defeated by anyone!Win Godzilla-class records and brag to your friends!

▲Original “Monster Paper Plane”

▲How far can you fly?Challenge!

Event overview


Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from Saturday, December 9 to Sunday, March 16

*In case of rain, the Mothra Paper Plane Flying event will be canceled.Craft experience will be held


Inside the Godzilla interception operation area, special tent “Godzilla Unglazed Coloring Laboratory” and “Large Lawn Square”


10:00-22:00 (last reception at 20:00) *Paper plane competition will be held at 15:00


Those who have purchased one of the following tickets: ``Regular Set Ticket'', ``Special Set Ticket'', or ``Mystery Solving Set Ticket'' for children and children.


*Specified attraction admission tickets are required separately.


① Mothra paper plane craft experience
At the special tent "Godzilla Unglazed Coloring Laboratory", you will receive a special mount with a design of the monster "Mothra" from the Godzilla movies.Paint your favorite color and create your one and only “Mothra Paper Plane”

② “Mothra Paper Plane Flying Association”
At 15:1 on the day of the event, a distance competition will be held on the vast lawn square in front of "Godzilla Intercept Operation". The first place winner will receive a medal can badge with a limited design from "Godzilla Interception Operation". All participants other than 1st place will receive a commemorative tin badge as a participation award.



"D-Rank Mission!! ~Find Naruto's treasure hidden in the Shinobu Village~" is being held for a limited time from September 9th (Saturday)!

At Nijigen no Mori's popular attraction "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobi Village", there are 9 puzzle-solving missions "D-Rank Mission~Find Naruto's Treasure Hidden in Shinobi Village" to find Naruto's treasure hidden somewhere in the Shinobi Area. This event will be held for a limited time from Saturday, December 16th to Sunday, December 12rd.
In the original work, missions for shinobi are divided into five ranks: S, A, B, C, and D depending on the difficulty of the mission.The D-rank mission that will be held this time will also be depicted as the first mission that genin take on after graduating from the academy, as a ninja.Participants hold a map with the location of the treasure hidden by Naruto in hand and walk around the area to find the location of the treasure.Those who successfully complete their mission will receive the treasure hidden by Naruto!Only Nijigen no Mori can take on the mission from Naruto and become a member of the Shinobi!You too can become a real ninja!

▲D rank mission dedicated map

▲ As a shinobi, take on a mission from Naruto!

Event overview


XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day

open time

10:00~22:00 (Last reception 20:00)


A mystery-solving mission in which Naruto walks around the area using a special map as hints and solves mysteries in order to find the treasure hidden in the Shinobi area.Those who complete the mission will receive a treasure hidden by Naruto.


"NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato" Visitors


* A separate admission ticket is required.

© Masashi Kishimoto Scott/Shueisha/TV Tokyo/Pierrot

"Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park"

“Appare! Sengoku Daibouken!” Beginner course will be partially renewed from October 10th!

At Nijigennomori's popular attraction "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park," the beginner's course of the athletic "Appare! Sengoku Daibouken!" will be held on October 8th ( From Saturday), we will partially renew the athletic section.The beginner's course is based on the movie "Crayon Shin-chan: Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden," which was released in 4, and involves clearing a total of seven types of tricks.・The toys have been redesigned to be even cuter, such as a turtle/gorilla, and a device that makes a sound when you step on it.
Let's not only be fans of anime and movies, but also try out the even more difficult athletic challenge "Appare! Sengoku Daibouken!" with your family and friends!



From Saturday, January 10st


10: 00-22: 00 (Last reception 19:30)


In "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park", "Awesome! Sengoku Great Adventure!"


The holder of the bouldering zone in the beginner's course of Athletic "Appare! Sengoku Daibouken!" has been changed.A cute holder modeled after the ``octopus, turtle, and gorilla'' that appeared in the movie ``Crayon Shin-chan: Mononoke Ninja Chinpuden'' has been released, and a device that makes a sound when stepped on has been added, allowing you to experience an even more cute and difficult beginner course.


Those who have various types of tickets such as Moretsu set, Appare set, and single ticket.

▲Athletic “Appare! Great Sengoku Adventure!”

▲The beginner course has been renewed to be even more cute and difficult!

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