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Nijigen no Mori “Futaba Kindergarten” 1st anniversary special project “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!Futaba Kindergarten” will finally be held tomorrow, September 9th (Saturday)

"Futaba Kindergarten" 1st anniversary! “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!Futaba Kindergarten” will be held from Saturday, September 9th!

"Futaba Kindergarten", which reproduces the world view of anime, is located in the children's area "Nonbiri no Hara" in the Nijigen no Mori attraction "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park", and will celebrate its first anniversary on September 9th!And this time, the anniversary event “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!Futaba Kindergarten” will be held for a limited time from Saturday, September 10th to Thursday, November 1th.The event has two projects.Adults will be able to play the attraction "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park Wakuwaku! Hide-and-Seek Maze in Futaba Kindergarten" that is usually only for kids.In addition, an SNS campaign will be held where you can participate by posting photos and videos of your memories at "Futaba Kindergarten" on SNS.As a campaign benefit, a pair of accommodation tickets for the luxury villa "Grand Chariot Hokutoshichisei 1°" is available!Memories with Shin-chan and others may be an opportunity to visit Nijigen no Mori again!
With friends!With children! Chance to play "Futaba Kindergarten"!Nijigen no Mori "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" is the perfect place for a cool autumn outing!



Saturday, February 9th to Thursday, May 9th


① “Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park Exciting! Hide and Seek MazeinFutaba Kindergarten is now open to the public!
This attraction, which is normally for kids (under 11 years old and under 120 cm tall or under 11 years old and under 25 kg in weight), will be open to all ages for a limited time.Families who have been on the accompanying course and adults who have not been able to experience it until now can become children of Futaba Kindergarten and enjoy the attractions.

1AnniversaryANNIVERSARY SNSCampaign held!

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of Futaba Kindergarten, you can post photos and videos of your fun times at Futaba Kindergarten on SNS with a specific hashtag.One pair will be selected by lottery from the submitted entries and will receive a pair accommodation ticket at the luxury villa “Grand Chariot Hokutoshichisei 1°” on a small hill in Nijigen no Mori.
* The specific hashtags are "#Futaba Kindergarten", "#Nijigen no Mori" and "#Crayon Shin-chan".
* Winners will be announced by DM to the corresponding account.
* The application period is from September 9th (Sat) to October 9th (Mon/holiday)


Those who have purchased a ticket for either "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park"

Overview of Kids Area “Nonbiri no Hara”

The kids area of ​​"Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" where children can play freely.In "Futaba Kindergarten", which is reproduced just like the work, you can challenge "Wakuwaku! Hide-and-Seek Maze in Futaba Kindergarten" to find Shin-chan and friends hidden in a cardboard maze as a kindergarten freshman.Also, in the adjoining horror house "Ola's Surprise! Surprise! Funny Horror House!" You can enjoy a humorous horror experience, such as a room where Nene-chan's treasured rabbit stuffed animal "Nene-chan's stuffed toy" stands.Furthermore, on the lawn square, you can enjoy the world view of Crayon Shin-chan in an area full of nature, with Quantum Robo and net playground equipment “Action Kamen Himitsukichi” installed.

▲The horror house is full of humorous tricks!

▲Reproduce that smell! ?Super intense "Hiroshi's socks"

▲ “Futaba Kindergarten” where Shin-chan and others go is also reproduced!

▲ Find Shin-chan and friends hidden in the maze!

What is Crayon Shinchan Adventure Park?

The popular anime "Crayon Shin-chan" (Broadcast every Saturday from 16:30 on TV Asahi)The subject "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park"This is an attraction area where you can experience the world of Crayon Shin-chan.We have 2 main attractions and 3 other attractions and shops.

Click here for "Crayon Shin-chan Adventurer" special site

Check the Nijigen Nomori official website and Twitter for the latest information on this event!

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