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[NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato] June is the season of Samidare, where you can fully enjoy the world of Shinobi! SHINOBI-ZATO NARUTO SAMIDARE FESTIVAL held!

6The month is the season of Samidare, where you can fully enjoy the world of Shinobi!


At Nijigen no Mori's popular attraction "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato", a special event "SHINOBI-ZATO NARUTO SAMIDARE FESTIVAL" will be held every weekend in June, where you can fully enjoy the world of Shinobi, perfect for the season of rain. increase.Limited-time events and tickets are packed!Like a scissors, a storm of events with no time to end!Don't miss June when you can fully enjoy Shinobisato! !

▲ Hermit mode bag

"Shinosato ALL INCLUSIVE TICKET" will be on sale from Saturday, June 6rd

At "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobisato", "Shinosato ALL INCLUSIVE TICKET", which allows you to enjoy all the attractions and events in one day, will be on sale from Saturday, June 1rd.In addition to the regular admission ticket, the ticket is the strongest ticket that you can enjoy all the permanent events that you can enjoy at Shinobizato!
Get this ticket that you can only get now, and go to Nijigen no Mori to make the best memories of Shinobi Village in this season that is perfect for the atmosphere of the world of Shinobi!


Sale start date

6/3 (Sat)


Adult ticket (12 years old and over) / 14,800 yen
Child ticket (5 to 12 years old) / 11,200 yen


With this ticket, you can experience all the attractions and events below.
 "Heaven Volume" / "Earth Volume"
 "Oshizato Earth Volume Gaiden" / "Akatsuki Hide and Seek" / "Akatsuki Festival"


"Sennin mode bag", Shinobizato original design sticker (4 types)

Information lifted for a limited time! "Heaven's Scroll Hidden Technique Activated! ] Held from Saturday, June 6

At Nijigen no Mori's popular attraction "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato", break through the tricks hidden in the three-story maze and aim for the top "Ten no Maki". Event "Heaven's Scroll Hidden Technique Activated! will be held from Saturday, June 3th.
In this event, in order to break through the gimmicks set up in the "Ten no Maki", information on five ninjutsu techniques that are usually difficult to find, even among the ninjutsu that participants can master, will be provided at a specific time during the period. We will tell you only for customers who participated in the attraction!Hidden ninjutsu includes techniques famous in the original work, such as "Katon: Gorgeous Ball Jutsu" and "Raiton: Chidori", and by mastering them, you can actually activate ninjutsu yourself. can!Use your favorite characters' deadly ninjutsu to break through Heaven! Let's play Shinobizato with members who love NARUTO!



XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day


10: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Last reception 20:00)


Free * A separate admission ticket is required.


During the period, for those who arrive at the specified time below, we will present a special sheet with information on ninjutsu acquisition that is usually difficult to find.Based on the information, you can activate the ninjutsu by connecting a "mark" with the mechanism in "Ten no Maki".

①“Katon・Kyokukyu no Jutsu”/Tuesdays during the period from 10:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX

②"Mizuton/Mizunami no Jutsu"/Wednesdays during the period from 10:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX

③ “Doton/Barrier” / Saturdays during the period from 10:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX

④ “Wind Style / Great Breakthrough” / After 16:XNUMX on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays during the period

⑤ "Thunder Style Chidori" / Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun during the period from 10:12 to XNUMX:XNUMX

▲ Activate ninjutsu and break through the gimmicks!

▲ Make a “mark” based on the information you learned!

Have fun when it rains! “Rainy Days Only: Memories Hidden in the Rain” Held from June 6th (Sat)

Nijigen no Mori's popular attraction "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato" will hold a limited event "Rainy Day Limited: Memories of Hidden Rain" that can only be enjoyed on rainy days from Saturday, June 6th.

For this event, special stickers of the characters of Amagakure no Sato will be distributed to customers who enter on a rainy day.Konan, Yahiko, and Nagato, one of the most popular characters in the original, are drawn on the stickers, and each famous line is written to reproduce the moving scene.A must-see sticker for non-fans can only be obtained on rainy days!Let's go to Oshizato to play on a rainy day!


start date

June 6 (Sat) *Limited to rainy days


10: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Last reception 20:00)


Free * A separate admission ticket is required.


For customers who enter on a rainy day, we will randomly distribute 1 out of 1 types of stickers depicting characters from the village of Amegakure, 8 per person.


If the weather forecast for Awaji City is rain forecast at 17:50 the previous day and the probability of precipitation is XNUMX% or more, the next day will be the event date.

"NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato" Limited scent bag of "Uchiha Itachi" will be available from June 6th (Sat) at "Scent bag making experience"!

At Nijigen no Mori's popular attraction "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato", an event "Scent bag making experience" that makes use of the characteristics of Awaji Island, also known as the island of fragrance, will be held for a limited time from Saturday, March 3th to Saturday, July 18st. Doing.

This time, from June 6th (Saturday), a limited number of fragrance bags with the image of "Uchiha Itachi" will be released!You can choose one from all eight limited design fragrance bags.You can create your own one-of-a-kind fragrance bag by mixing more than 17 different fragrances according to your taste.Dried flowers such as lavender and marigold are used as raw materials for fragrances, and flowers harvested on Awaji Island are also used.Try to find your own comfortable scent while imagining your favorite character!Get a special souvenir at Nijigen no Mori filled with the scent of early summer with your family and friends!


Sales start

6/17 (Sat)

*Limited to 100 bags

*The event period is from March 3 (Sat) to July 18 (Sat).

open time

11:00am ~ 16:00am


Choose one from a total of 8 types of limited drawstring bags designed with the image of the character, mix the scent according to your taste from more than 1 types of fragrances, and create only one scent bag (sachet) in the world. can make


In "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato", Shinobizato Kobo next to the information


"NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato" Visitors


500 yen *A separate admission ticket is required.

▲The new “Uchiha Itachi” fragrance bag

▲Make your own fragrance bag!

"Shinosato Photo Contest 2023" Applications are being accepted from May 5th (Monday)!

At Nijigen no Mori's popular attraction "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato", the "Shinosato Photo Contest 2023" will be held from May 5th (Monday) to determine the winner from the "SNS shine" posted based on a different theme every month. It will be held. The theme for May is "Spring in Shinobizato".You can apply by posting a photo of the image of spring, such as a handmade experience of a scented bag (sachet) associated with the island of flowers "Awaji Island" and Shinobizato shining in the bright spring sunshine.

This contest accepts entries by posting photos on Twitter and Instagram.After following the attraction's official SNS account, attach "#Shinosato Photo Contest" and decide the winner from among the photos according to the theme.The winner's photo will be posted with a mention on the official SNS of "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato", which has a total of 5 followers, and a luxurious prize will be presented.Let's aim for the championship with one of the memories taken with your dear friends!



December 2023, 5 (Monday) to January 8, 2024 (Tuesday)


During the period, a different theme will be set each month and a contest will be held.The winner will be announced every month and will receive a luxurious prize.

[May Contest]

Theme: Spring in Shinobisato


10: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Last reception 20:00)

way to participate

You can apply on either Twitter or Instagram.

① Follow “NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato” official SNS

XNUMX. Complete the application by posting a photo with the content along the theme with “#Shinosato Photo Contest”

③ From among the applicants, one person will receive a luxurious prize

free gift

① "NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato" special mission set pair invitation ticket

②Ichiraku ramen pair ticket

③ The winning post will be posted on the official SNS of “NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato” with a mention.

Participation Fee

Free *A separate admission ticket is required.

What is NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobizato?

This is an attraction area based on the themes of the popular ninja anime "NARUTO" and the animation "BORUTO NEXT GENERATIONS", which depicts the activities of Naruto Uzumaki's son Boruto, the main character of "NARUTO".The huge "Hokage Rock" and full-size dolls of characters appearing in the TV anime are set up to reproduce "Konohagakure no Sato".While experiencing the world view of the work, you can challenge attractions such as athletics where you can experience training and three-dimensional mazes.

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