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[For families] Introducing how to enjoy a day at Dragon Quest Island!

Introducing how to enjoy a day at Dragon Quest Island for families!

If you go to Dragon Quest Island to play, you want to fully enjoy it!Introducing the strongest plan that you will never regret!

Part XNUMX. First of all, the slime in front of the castle and the snap!

When you arrive at Dragon Quest Island, the first thing that greets you is a big slime!
The slime that everyone knows warmly welcomes you.You can take a very cute picture by taking a picture with a small child!

Part XNUMX.Let's go on an adventure!Form a party and enter the world of Dragon Quest!

When you're ready, it's time to set off on your adventure.Listen carefully to the story of the soldiers in the castle and form a party.Choosing a career is also a fun point.Let's share roles with the whole family!

Part XNUMX.Adventure start!Let's cooperate with the party and challenge the quest!

The adventure of Dragon Quest is all about things that are not straightforward.Let's split up with the whole family and find treasure chests and small medals!

Part XNUMX.Challenge Kandata's big mischief strategy!

If the whole family is playing around, the adventure time will pass quickly."I still haven't had enough fun!" The perfect subquest "Kandata's Mischief Big Strategy!"
What is the main story of finding the golden bracelet?DifferentYou can experience additional special stories only here.You can purchase the sub-quest "Kandata's Mischief Big Strategy!" at the town's general store even after entering the area, so you can actually play it and still not have enough fun!It is also recommended for those who say.

XNUMX.If you get tired of the adventure, take a break with delicious and cute food at Ruida's bar!

You can re-enter Dragon Quest Island as many times as you like until you clear it on the same day.If you're tired from a long adventure, take a break at Ruida's Tavern.Ruida's Tavern offers an original menu that can only be eaten here.All the menu items look so cute that it's a waste to eat them, but of course they taste delicious!
It's also good to order different things and eat while sharing.

▲ Whole onion slime hamburger / 1,980 yen (tax included)

XNUMX.The adventure is finally at its climax!To the final decisive battle of great excitement!

Once you've finished your meal, the adventure will reach its climax.What awaits us at the end is the terrifying Demon King's Castle.Some children may be hesitant to enter, but adventurers who have overcome adventures up to this point will be fine!Let's challenge the battle with the demon king with confidence!Once you enter the Demon King's Castle, you will not be able to return to the town anymore, so be sure to make sure you have nothing left to do!The final battle where everyone in the party fights.Do your best to enter the exciting space so that you will not regret it!

XNUMX.Complete the adventure safely!Let's buy a souvenir to take home!

The satisfying adventure is over, and I'm heading to Ruida's bar shop without getting cold.There are so many cute goods that it can be hard to decide what to buy as a souvenir.How about purchasing one as proof of your adventures in Dragon Quest Island?

▲DRAGON QUEST ISLAND acrylic diorama / 2,200 yen (tax included)


Would you like to spend a special day full of smiles with your family at Dragon Quest Island?

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