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A popcorn bucket that can only be obtained here!


You can buy popcorn in the town of Onokogardo ♪ When you open the inside of the Onion King... it smells delicious!You can choose from 2 types of onions and caramel!You can only get it here, so please take it home with you!

■ Onion king popcorn bucket @ 3,000 yen (tax included)

What is “Dragon Quest Island Ancient Demon God and Guided Adventurers”?

"Dragon Quest Island Ancient Demon God and Guided Adventurers" is a field RPG attraction that expresses the world of "Dragon Quest" by fusing real and digital.

While following the original story, participants of the attraction will be able to become the main character of the story and enjoy the world of "Dragon Quest" through their adventure.

New goods, new food overview

We will sell new goods and new food this time.Enjoy your adventure even more with limited goods and food menus that can only be obtained at Dragon Quest Island!

▲ Whole onion slime hamburger / 1,980 yen (tax included)

▲Bakudan Rock Viewing Cream Puff/1,600 yen (tax included)

▲DRAGON QUEST ISLAND acrylic diorama / 2,200 yen (tax included)

▲DRAGON QUEST ISLAND masking roll sticker/880 yen (tax included)

Premium ticket luxury benefits!Limited goods for fan coveted are included!


Premium ticket (entrance ticket + luxury benefits)
Adult (12 years old and over) 12,400 yen - 13,000 yen, Child (5 years old - 11 years old) 10,400 yen - 10,600 yen

*Prices vary depending on the season
*Tickets are time-specified
*Children must be accompanied by one or more guardians (adults) to enter. Children 1 and under are free.
*Benefits are included with premium tickets for admission after March 3th.


① Sub quest "Challenge Kandata's Mischief Big Strategy!"
②Sky Shield Backpack
③Makitsuki Plush <Homilot IV>

How to buy

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▲Sky Shield Backpack

▲Makitsuki Plush <Homilot IV>

Overview of Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Anime Park “Nijigen no Mori”

Since 2008, Pasona Group has collaborated with local governments and local stakeholders on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, and has been working on its own regional revitalization project by attracting various human resources. In 2013, the "Awaji Manga/Anime Island Project" was adopted as part of the "Private Business Planning and Proposal for Prefectural Awajishima Park" publicly invited by Hyogo Prefecture. Together with Hyogo Prefecture, we are promoting regional revitalization projects by attracting tourists.

\ Check the latest information on the Nijigen Nomori official website and Twitter! /

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