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[NARUTO&BORUTO] Sasuke's birthday event now being held!

7/23 We celebrated Sasuke's birthday!

July 7rd (Friday) is Naruto's rivalUchiha Sasuke's birthday!Everyone who rushed to celebrate on the dayShinobizato was very crowded.

 A special puzzle-solving mission to celebrate your birthday[Special Mission Sasuke Itachi]Very popular now!All adults and childrenIt is a content that you can enjoyThere is no doubt that you will be thrilled with unexpected tricks!Of course it is unbearable for fansA lot of small stories and tricks!Special missions for a limited time until August 8st (Tuesday).

Let's go on missions with family and friends during the summer vacation!

What is "Shinosato Special Mission #008 Sasuke and Itachi"?

「NARUTO&BORUTO 忍里」では、2021年7月10日(土)〜8月31日(火)の期間、7月23日生まれのサスケと、6月9日生まれのイタチの誕生日を祝して、ミニ謎解きゲーム「NARUTO疾風伝×リアル謎解きゲーム 忍里特別任務 #008 サスケ・イタチ篇」を開催中!

other,We will also sell goods drawn from the original costumes of this event and set up photo spots.

Let's celebrate Sasuke and Itachi's birthday this year at Shinobizato!

A message card for Sasuke and Itachi

Countless petals attached to Sasuke and Itachi panels.Actually, this is a message card from everyone who came to Oshizato to Sasuke and Itachi.
How about sending a message to your favorite character on this occasion?

Click here for event details!

New arrivals are available on Shinosato's official Twitter and Nijigen Nomori's official website.Check it out!

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