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[NARUTO & BORUTO] Special mission Sasuke and Itachi edition now being acclaimed!

#Shinosato Special Mission 008 [Sasuke and Itachi] Now being acclaimed!

 「NARUTO&BORUTO 忍里」では、2021年7月10日(土)〜8月31日(火)の期間、7月23日生まれのサスケと、6月9日生まれのイタチの誕生日を祝して、ミニ謎解きゲーム「NARUTO疾風伝×リアル謎解きゲーム 忍里特別任務 #008 サスケ・イタチ篇」を開催中!
The popular special mission series has been powered up and entered its second year!In addition to the conventional mystery solving kit, a hint booklet is added.Designed to be more enjoyable not only for adults but also for children.

 Recommended points

Rewards for completing missions are even more powerful

The bonus key holder is a wooden Japanese style design that matches the costume.
Other designs are also newly written for luxurious specifications.
*Benefits cannot be selected 
*Benefits will be handed over at the reception desk in Shinosato. 
*Distribution will end as soon as the stock runs out. 

Enjoy your visit on the day!Surprise benefits available

In addition to conventional stickers, you can feel the character's birthday more realistically as a mission rewardSurprise benefits too.
Please look forward to it after your visit!

You can enjoy Gatsuri Shinobizato for as long as you want!

The time required is 30 to 45 minutes.Voices of great satisfaction appear one after another!Let's solve mysteries in Shinobizato during the summer vacation!

What is "Shinosato Special Mission #008 Sasuke and Itachi"?

「NARUTO&BORUTO 忍里」では、2021年7月10日(土)〜8月31日(火)の期間、7月23日生まれのサスケと、6月9日生まれのイタチの誕生日を祝して、ミニ謎解きゲーム「NARUTO疾風伝×リアル謎解きゲーム 忍里特別任務 #008 サスケ・イタチ篇」を開催中!

other,We will also sell goods drawn from the original costumes of this event and set up photo spots.

Let's celebrate Sasuke and Itachi's birthday this year at Shinobizato!

Click here for event details!

New arrivals are available on Shinosato's official Twitter and Nijigen Nomori's official website.Check it out!

© Masashi Kishimoto Scott/Shueisha/TV Tokyo/Pierrot

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