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[7/16 ~] Godzilla interception operation Mystery Monster Encyclopedia

Perfect for your child's summer vacation!
Real Mystery Solving Game "Tobidasu! Mystery Monster Encyclopedia"

Nijigen Nomori "Godzilla Interception Operation" will hold a permanent mystery solving game "Nazotoki Kaiju Encyclopedia" from Friday, July 2021, 7!It is a puzzle-solving game where you go around the mysterious clue points around the giant Godzilla and complete the monster encyclopedia.The kit has a mechanism to make the monster stand up, and each time you solve the mystery, the monster will stand up, and in the end, a three-dimensional picture book like a pop-up picture book will be completed.You can also take home the completed picture book as a memory!

Aim to clear while cooperating with parents and children and get a "Doctoral Certificate"!

What is Godzilla Intercept Operation x Real Mystery Solving Game "Nazotoki Kaiju Encyclopedia"?

Event Dates

From Friday, January 2021, 7Permanent event


10:00-22:00 (last reception time 20:00)
*The final reception time varies depending on the season.For details, please check the Nijigen no Mori official website.


656 Kusumoto, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture 2301-2425
"Godzilla Interception Operation" in Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Anime Park "Nijigen no Mori"

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Reception in the "Godzilla interception operation" area

Estimated required time

About 1 hours

Ticket price

* To use the attraction area, you also need to purchase a normal ticket for "Godzilla Intercept Operation".

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What is the Godzilla interception operation?

"Godzilla Intercept Operation" is the world's only entertainment attraction where you can fully experience the power and power of Godzilla, with the theme of the world's largest life-size Godzilla that landed on Awaji Island.Participants become members of the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center, and after receiving an explanation of the "Godzilla interception operation" that unfolds against Godzilla that has appeared on Awaji Island through a movie-like attraction video produced by Toho, Godzilla Cell Shooting" Challenge the attraction.At the world's first permanent "Godzilla Museum", with the cooperation of Toho Visual Art Co., Ltd., which has been responsible for the special effects art of Godzilla movies, there is a powerful diorama that makes you feel like you are right in front of the movie scene. It's on display.

Click here for the special site for "Godzilla Intercept Operation"

Check the Nijigen Nomori official website and Twitter for the latest information on this event!


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