2021.05.13 Event & FeatureNews

About shooting in the park

At Nijigen no Mori, we have set some restrictions on photography so that all customers who visit the park can enjoy it.

About photography that you refrain from

・Photography for commercial purposes (dubbing the contents of this facility into a DVD, etc. and selling it, etc.)
・Shooting that disturbs other customers
・ Live distribution and shooting according to it
・Shooting with flash in places where flash photography is prohibited
・Shooting of closed areas (construction and renovation areas, etc.)
・Photography of content, answers, installations, etc. related to solving riddles that may lead to spoilers
・Other shooting methods not permitted by the staff

Taken at Dragon Quest Islandabout

In "Dragon Quest Island", in principle, taking pictures and videos of the following contents is prohibited.

・Shooting images of digital terminals installed in the area
(see example below)

・Photographing in prohibited areas

・Projecting content that leads to spoilers in the area 
((e.g. showing hidden objects, etc.)

*If you have any questions, please ask the staff nearby.


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