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[Crayon Shin-chan] 7/18 (Sat.) ~ New content is here!Real mystery solving game "Find the treasure that sleeps in Nijigen no Mori!"

Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park x Real Mystery Solving Game Main Visual


New sensation!A mystery-solving game for children and adults to solve together
Appeared in Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park!

Attraction area in Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Anime Park "Nijigen no Mori""Crayon Shinchan Adventure Park"Then, a real mystery solving game"Find the treasure that sleeps in Nijigen no Mori!"The2020 years 7 month 18 day (Saturday)We will start permanently from

This content can be used in and around the "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" area,This is a new puzzle-solving game that children and adults can play together using various tools such as pop-up kits and compasses.
Children who have not been able to participate in some courses such as "Challenge! Action Kamen Squadron!" and "Awesome! Sengoku Daibouken!"
For adults, we will give you an "adult kit".

During the summer vacation, go to Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park and work together with your loved ones to solve mysteries!



Welcome to Nijigen no Mori!
Do you knowthe legend of this place.
"When two people share their wisdom, a treasure appears."
No matter how many treasure hunters searched, they couldn't find the treasure.
Shin-chan and you might find the legendary treasure!
Everyone in the Nohara family and Shiro are with us.
First, let's find the clues to the four trials!
Let's go treasure hunting!

How to participate / How to proceed

"Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" local receptionPlease tell the staff that you will participate in "Find the treasure that sleeps in Nijigen no Mori!"After receiving the game kit from the staff, start solving the mystery!
There is no time limit for solving this mystery, so you can participate freely, such as eating or playing at other attractions in the park between games.

Ticket purchase privilege

Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park Mystery Solving Shiro's Sun Visor

Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park Original”shiro sun visor” is a gift without exception!
Like Shin-chan, put Shiro on your head and start off!

Material: Paper
Size: Width 60 cm (approx.)
※The image is an image

Ticket price

  • * "Find the treasure that sleeps in Nijigen no Mori!" is a real mystery solving game that you can play with your companion.

  • The price includes tax.Admission ticket prices may change depending on the season.
  • Adults are 12 years old or older, children are 11 years old or younger (elementary school students or younger, height 120 cm or more), kids are 11 years old or younger (elementary school students or younger, height less than 120 cm)
  • Children's Bodacious Set, Children's Upper Set (height 120 cm or more, weight 25 kg or more), kids (height less than 120 cm, weight less than 25 kg)
  • The zip line is for people with a height of 120 cm or more and a weight of 25 kg or more and less than 110 kg.
    * Single tickets are sold at the "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" attraction reception.
  • Until the end of March of the year the child graduates from elementary school, child and kids rates apply.Please present something that shows your age.
  • Admission to the area is free for children under 4 years old (However, a separate fee is required for the Children's Course, Horror House, Futaba Kindergarten, Mystery Solving and Action Mask Secret Experience.)
  • Children under the age of 11 (primary school age or younger) must be accompanied by at least one adult (1 years or older).

Click here for details on free pass tickets


\ You can enter without lining up!Advance purchase of tickets is recommended! /


What is Crayon Shinchan Adventure Park?

Based on the popular anime "Crayon Shin-chan" (broadcast every Saturday from 16:30 on TV Asahi), "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park" is an attraction area where you can experience the world of Crayon Shin-chan.

In this area, you can enjoy 5 attractions and goods shops.

Awesome!Sengoku Great Adventure!

Movie Crayon Shin-chan "Arashi Calling Appare"!Athletic with the motif of Sengoku Great Battle.Maximum ground clearance8mBeginning with the course, capture all 4 courses with different degrees of difficulty!

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Challenge!Action Kamen Squadron!

Based on Crayon Shin-chan's popular character "Action Kamen", it glides through a giant water gun.225m140mwater zipline.

View more

Ora's "Surprise!Surprise!It's an interesting horror house! 』

A room with a lot of things Shin-chan dislikes, such as "giant green peppers" and "Hiroshi's socks", and a room where Nene-chan's stuffed toy, which is treasured by her kindergarten friend Nene-chan, is gigantic and standing. You can enjoy the thrill with humor unique to Crayon Shin-chan.

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excited!Hide-and-Seek Maze in Futaba Kindergarten

An area for children that reproduces "Futaba Kindergarten" where Shin-chan attends.
As new students of Futaba Kindergarten, participants take on a hide-and-seek mission to find Shin-chan and his friends hidden in a cardboard maze.
Find a lot of friends and aim to become a "hide-and-seek master"!
In the area, there is also a photo spot with characters that are indispensable for Mr. Yoshinaga's "Futaba Kindergarten", and you can fully enjoy the world view of Crayon Shin-chan!

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Let's play with Ora!Nijigen no Mori

If you shoot the dolls scattered in the Shin-chan area with your smartphone, you can have a conversation on the character's screen!Let's clear the app by referring to the hints in the conversation!

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\ You can enter without lining up!Advance purchase of tickets is recommended! /

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