2020.06.01 Event & FeatureNews

[Finished] [Night Walk Phoenix] Father's Day Campaign


June 6st (Sun) is Father's Day♪

Limited benefits for one day only!It's a wonderful present from Nijigen no Mori for your hard-working father♪

6/21is dad onlynight walk fire birdis freeYou can experience it.

Please use this opportunity.


Date and time: Sunday, June 2020, 6 21:19, 30:20, 00:20

Participation conditions:being a dad.1 or more companionsto be *Free for fathers only.Please purchase a ticket for your companion.

How to use: [Night Walk Phoenix] At the "Osamu Tezuka Bookstore" in front of the entrance, say "I'm your father!"We will give you a special ticket.


Click here to purchase "Night Walk Phoenix" tickets


Let's watch a video of Night Walk Firebird


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